All customers receive a customized facial based on a skin analysis performed at the time of the treatment.

One Hour Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

This one hour treatment is designed to leave your skin clean and supple.  While you relax your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated, extracted and nourished with a customized finishing masque.  All facials at The Retreat include a hand treatment with massage and foot release. Please see exfoliant options below for pricing.

European Facial

Our most popular treatment lasting approximately an hour and a half encompasses all of the services listed in the Deep Cleansing Facial, along with a soothing pressure point facial massage using a special blend of aromatherapy oils and a stress reducing neck and shoulder massage.  The best option if you seek peace and tranquility. Please see exfoliant options below for pricing. 


Exfoliant Options: 

Enzyme Exfoliant: $70/$90

Gentle but active enzymes of bromelain and papain to help digest the protein of dead skin cells leaving the skin’s surface smooth and refined.

AHA Exfoliant: $80/$100

The enzyme base plus lactic acid, salicylic acid and sulphur to gently detach surface cells stimulating new cell renewal.

Multi Vitamin Exfoliant: $90/$105

A maximze strength exfoliant in a lipid base effectively removes dulling surface debris for improved penetration and reveals a healthier new layer of skin.

Exfoliant Accelerator: $90/$105

A highly active concentrate of lactic acid, peptides and enzymes that intensify and accelerate exfoliation activity of the skin. 


The Retreat also offers the following facial add ons:

Oatmeal Masque $15: Soothing, calming mask that helps boost the immune function of ultra-sensitive skin. Recommended for sensitised or deyhdrated skin.

High Frequency $15: Violet light used to kill bacteria in acne and aides in product penetration. Recommended for acne or breakouts.

Contour Masque $15: Firms and contours skin by reducing edema with cooling temperatures and aides in penetration of prescribed products. Recommended for mature, prematurely aging, dehydrated or luster lacking skin. 

Ion Active Power Treatment $25: This action-packed bio+charged treatment optimizes product penetration for rapid skin health results.


Silky Smooth Body Waxing:

The Retreat uses satin smooth wax that is gentle on the skin and filled with vitamins to replenish the skin.

Lip $12

Brows $15

Lip and Brow $25

Chin $10

Full Face $45

Half Leg $25

Full Leg $50

Bikini $30 and up

Underarm $18

Half Arm $18

Full Arm $28

Back $40 and up             

*Prices subject to change.  Please confirm prices when booking appointment.