Testimonials from some of Debbie’s long term clients:

 “We all know that we should take care of our skin, so 25 years ago I began to have regular facials with Debbie. I’ve always found my treatments to be relaxing and rejuvenating. After each treatment I had a refreshed and more youthful appearance. Just the immediate results we might expect!  However, after being a client of Debbie’s for 25 years, I am more grateful for the long-term view that Debbie applies toYes skin care than the short-term glow. My skin is healthy and much younger looking than many of my contemporaries, and even my doctors ask me about my “secret!”  It’s no secret……Debbie is cautious to use products and regimes that support the skin, not damage it. Over the long haul, this is what enables skin health and ultimately, skin beauty.”  

-Sandy Hill- Client for 25 years

“Debbie is the best! She has a sweet and sincere chairside manner and is thoughtful and caring. She is always focused on her clients needs. Her recommendations for various Dermalogica products have been spot on and I have been using them since I became her client in the early 1990’s. I always feel welcome, respected and cherished by her.

-Carole Brekke- Client for 25 years


I have been receiving facials from Debbie Hardin at The Retreat for about 30 years. As a result my skin is smooth, hydrated and I have very few wrinkles even though I am 79 years of age. My dermatologist at UCSF has said that my skin is the best he has ever seen and to keep up with the facials. Debbie uses a very high quality product in Dermalogica. I am pleased with the condition of my skin which, thanks to Debbie, is in excellent condition.

-Barbara Ageno- Client for 30 years


“I found Debbie 20 years ago when I had horrible acne. Debbie taught me how to take care of my skin and treat my acne without scarring my skin. Since then she continues to teach me about how my skin changes with my age and the best products to use to take care of it. One look at Debbie’s amazing, glowing skin makes me want to do exactly what she tells me to do! She has a very special skill- one facial from Debbie and you won’t ever want anyone else touching your skin. Debbie is amazing!!” 

-Nicole Smelzer- Client for 20 years